As you may know, we are both outdoor enthusiasts. We spend our free time either backpacking or in the ocean. Last year, we were inspired to apply to The Island School, a high-school marine science and sustainability-based study abroad program. Our dream has become a reality, and we are both thrilled to have spent our spring semester of 2017 immersed in ocean conservation studies! One of the reasons we were drawn to study at The Island School is their research on marine debris. This is a subject that is very important to us since we live on the coast, and we see the crisis, firsthand. Every time we go to the beach, the existence of mankind is overly apparent with the amount of trash littering our shores. 

We are incredibly thankful for those who joined us in our effort to raise awareness, find solutions, and protect the essential resource that is our ocean. Some people raise money by running marathons, hosting auctions or selling cookies. But we are decided to try something different. We worked to protect our ocean and remove thousands of golf balls. By donating to our campaign,  you helped fund our education, becoming partners as we tackle the global environmental problems our generation is facing. Click here ("Fore The Ocean") to go to the Go Fund me page.

This was our original project that lead to creating The Plastic Pick-Up. 

The video below is an update we made in February 2017 to show how many balls were in the same cove we have cleaned up after winter storms hit our coast. Even after many clean-ups, the cove keeps filling up with more old, worn out balls. Where are they coming from?  Tides and currents move them, sand seems to bury them as it moves in and out with the seasons, kelp and segrasses grow over and covers them, and we keep diving to better understand where they go so we can get as many out of the ocean as we can.

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